May 21, 2015


I finally did it: I got a hair appointment and went to the hairdresser to cut my ends which were broken since such a long time already. I could nearly see spliss at the end of every single hair. I don't know why but I've never really been a person who gets her hair cut regularly but instead I would always wait until my hair'd be so damaged that it simply needs a cut.

May 14, 2015


Sorry for the lack of updates - life brings too much work to do sometimes. However, let's start again fresh with this colorful pastel look. Peaches aren't in season yet, so why not wear it as a color to get ready for a fruity summer?

May 03, 2015


BLACK 'N WHITE - I don't know why but lately I really like to just wear black and white stuff, or at least no bright colors. If you'd told me so some years ago, I would have thought your crazy because there was a time, even before all the colored jeans got in fashion, when I only owned these - not even one "normal" blue or black one. But times pass and moods come and go. And who says black 'n white is only for the winter time? So the only thing to prep up this look with some dark red was on the lips, which makes it even more elegant I think. Since it's spring, we don't need to wear our thick warm winter coats anymore. However, it's still not summer so I like to wear a cape over my outfit - it gives it a timeless touch and softens the whole look with the extra layer of material.

April 27, 2015


Springtime is asparagus time - at least in my opinion. Every year I get excited when the first bunches of asparagus pile up in the supermarket. However, I'm always waiting until there are the ones that don't come from too far - seasonal products are key. 

April 19, 2015


It's not warm enough yet to wear shorts, however with tights, it's all fine! So when I thought about what to pair with these shorts, I wanted to bring in a contrast to the sweet flower pattern by putting on this oversized vintage denim jacket. The outfit got completed with some black heels and a black cap so the outfit wouldn't look to baggy and boyish.

April 13, 2015


To bring in some colors in your look for the warmer season, not only clothes can help you out but also some bright and fresh nails. I think that some geometric shapes are always a good option when you don't want to look too girly but still only a plain color is just not enough. So here's my option with a bright turquoise, a gold and and a white nail polish. Of course you can personalize your nails however you want.

April 06, 2015


As spring finally came - when we just forget for a second that April's bringing some strange weather at the moment to Switzerland - I got to wear some lighter and brighter clothes after the long cold season. So in this look, I actually wore a neon jumpsuit but paired it with a men's shirt so it became my pants. To go with this color palette, I put on this green - water blue statement necklace. Luckily, we just captured the last sunshine that day which gives the pictures this beautiful atmosphere.

March 28, 2015


HAPPINESS & TIME - This has been the subject of a lecture I've been to lately. I'm really into philosophy and the questions "how can I be happy?" and "what is happiness actually?" are probably some of the most important ones in our live because finally it all leads to the question "how can I make the best out of the live I have?". So since I found the lecture really interesting, I thought I could tell you guys a little bit about it and share some thoughts with you.

March 20, 2015


Luckily, the warmer days are coming back - at least in Switzerland. I'm so happy since sun just makes me feel so much better than a cloudy grey sky, seems like sun rays bring mental energy (could this be right?) However, I still wanted to show you this look when it still was a bit colder.

March 07, 2015


Wait - no, stop! Before you freak out now or start to think about why I did it: No, I didn't cut my hair even though I often think about how it would be to rock a short crop. This time, it's only a wig I got to wear for a theatre play I took place in. Admittedly, it's not the most beautiful one with all the matted hair but still, it was the first time I could see more or less how I'd look with a short haircut. Also, I didn't want to look perfect nor beautiful but characteristic - with nearly no make up on. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shoot some pictures and tell you what I think about it...