October 30, 2014


VALENCIA - Another shot we did on a super hot day when spending some days in beautiful spain. Before our departure from Switzerland, I found these gorgeous pants on sale at ZARA. They are pretty uncommon since you don't see pants in this length that often. Moreover, they nearly look like a skirt. So much individuality - I definitely had to get this! So I styled it with a pale blue top that is luckily quite loose (nothings worse that too tight clothes in hot weather...) The straw hat just gave me some great protection from the sun but still, I wore these cat eye shaped sunglasses to protect my eyes (later that week I didn't take enough attention on my skin anymore...hi sunburn^^)

October 27, 2014


VALENCIA - As you may know, I've spend my holidays in beautiful Valencia in Spain. Even though I was there only for 4 days, I really could reload my body with some sunshine, warmth and good food! So in the evening, we went in town to eat some Spanish paella (you have to try it!) When coming back, I saw how wonderful the pool looked with all the lights around it and definitely wanted to shoot this outfit there. So we were taking pictures in the night which isn't that easy since the pictures really tend to get blurred. But with the reflections in the window I think it even fits the pictures!

October 22, 2014


Where are you at the moment? Me, I'm sitting here, in front of my computer, windows opened but with absolute dark outside. It's quite late but actually, this doesn't matter. Days are getting shorter and shorter, no difference if it's 7 or 11 o'clock in the evening - sun has disappeared already. However, maybe it didn't even come out that day: thanks to fog and grey clouds. We need lamps to get enough light - cold and unnatural. And the worst thing: In one week we all have to move our clocks one hour forward by one hour - hi, hour change, I really missed you! No, seriously: the only thing that will change is that evenings will get even shorter and we'll feel like night at about half past five...

October 18, 2014


FASHION PATRIOTS - As announced, this time I tell you about a project I'm really excited about since I find the idea pretty interesting: I collaborated with mystuff.sk  which is a Slovak platform for blogger and fashion lover. In summer, they came up with the idea to ask different bloggers from all over the world to create an outfit that represents for them their country and write a short text about it. I thought this was a wonderful idea and since I'm always interested in new things, I had to take part in it! So we went on a vineyard with this amazing little hut between - which, in my opinion, already looks a little Swiss^^

October 14, 2014


VALENCIA, SPAIN - I'm finally here, writing this article right from my hotel room in beautiful spain. I've been looking forward to this holiday for so long, especially since it got quite cold, rainy and foggy in Switzerland! No sunshine anymore... Anyway, here, the weather is so warm, I actually feel hot even in my summer clothes. From our room, we can see the sea and the beach (extremely soft sand - my feet felt like walking in heaven^^) We're staying in the Las Arenas Balneario Resort which is really nice! Normally I'm not a breakfast-lover but when staying in a hotel, breakfast buffet makes me really excited. Then, I like to enjoy the delicious things while sitting on a nice table for a long time (sometimes a little bit too long - today, I got overfilled with food^^)