November 20, 2014


VALENCIA - Sometimes, I could simply kill my laptop for not working properly. You have stress, are quite tired but still want to upload a new article and what happens - your laptop takes ages and doesn't copy all the images you want to have from the library... If someone of you knows that problem, I'd be happy for some help^^ However, let's talk about the nice parts: Looking at these pictures I really feel wanderlust and strongly wanna go back to this beautiful sunrise on our last day in Spain. I wanted to feel the warm sun, enjoy the breathtaking silent morning atmosphere of an empty beach and swim in the cold water for a last time before cold Switzerland. I just throw over a romper, took my sunglasses and I was ready to go to the sea before breakfast - which came later and was simply delicious!

November 17, 2014


Sun is more and more rare, sunsets even more - this time we could catch it. I have to admit: despite the sun I started freezing after a while... Looks like coats are our new best friends. Luckily, we can wear underneath a nice warm coat whatever we want^^ I thought the combination of pale blue and olive green would look quite interesting and for the pictures, the beautiful light from the setting sun made it complete. It's interesting how different my hair looks depending on the light: from blonde over a golden-red tone to a hazelnut brown. So where do we wanna do from what we really see, it all depends on the light^^ And how do you wanna explain how a color looks like - interesting thought, isn't it?

November 14, 2014


VALENCIA - First guys, I'm so sorry for not posting any article for so long - november brings so much work for me... While looking through the pictures I realized that I still have left some of the outfits I wore during my holidays in Spain. Maybe we can imagine us the warmth while looking at the pictures - here it's freezing cold outside. I even keep my coat on inside sometimes (but I'm really sensitive to cold^^) When we shot the pictures, it was definitely not cold even at midnight... miss the time (who does't miss holidays!)

November 08, 2014


Since I didn't post a new recipe for a very long time, I thought I should share with you this delicious pumpkin spice latte which I actually created for CGC Daily. If you don't know what it is, check out my article where I came up with this wonderful collaboration here. However, since you can find the recipe on their website, I don't post a second time here on the blog. Just click on this link and you'll right there!

November 05, 2014


Now in fall, it's definitely too cold for no tights. Today when walking outside in the morning, my fingers where nearly frozen. However, I found these pictures we took some while ago when it was still enough warm^^ In this outfit, I wanted to give the girly look with this beautiful pink dress a twist by styling it with this sporty laid-back denim jacket. I also took most of my hair straight to one side which gives it more of a edgy look. Hopefully I can bring you summer back for just a short time with these pictures :)