October 18, 2014


FASHION PATRIOTS - As announced, this time I tell you about a project I'm really excited about since I find the idea pretty interesting: I collaborated with mystuff.sk  which is a Slovak platform for blogger and fashion lover. In summer, they came up with the idea to ask different bloggers from all over the world to create an outfit that represents for them their country and write a short text about it. I thought this was a wonderful idea and since I'm always interested in new things, I had to take part in it! So we went on a vineyard with this amazing little hut between - which, in my opinion, already looks a little Swiss^^

October 14, 2014


VALENCIA, SPAIN - I'm finally here, writing this article right from my hotel room in beautiful spain. I've been looking forward to this holiday for so long, especially since it got quite cold, rainy and foggy in Switzerland! No sunshine anymore... Anyway, here, the weather is so warm, I actually feel hot even in my summer clothes. From our room, we can see the sea and the beach (extremely soft sand - my feet felt like walking in heaven^^) We're staying in the Las Arenas Balneario Resort which is really nice! Normally I'm not a breakfast-lover but when staying in a hotel, breakfast buffet makes me really excited. Then, I like to enjoy the delicious things while sitting on a nice table for a long time (sometimes a little bit too long - today, I got overfilled with food^^)

October 09, 2014


After the dress series I thought I'd go for some pants this time^^Normally, I'm not the jogging-pants-type but this time I felt lazy but still wanted to look fashionable. So I took these super comfy pants and dressed the up with a sheer white blouse with this amazing collar made of sequins. Incorporate more shining materials, I added this reflective sunglasses. It's one of the few new ones (yeah... bought many sunglasses this summer *guilty* ^^) Since I was in the city that day, had some meetings and strolled around, I needed a bag to put all my things in. I got this blue one many years ago when I spent some days in Berlin. I didn't use it for quite a long time now but took it out again  - and it's still wonderful!

October 04, 2014


Here's the last post of the tree-part series on how to style this basic dress in different ways. Check out the first look Red Elegance or Back to Levi's by clicking on the link if you haven't seen it yet! So for the last look, I went for a also elegant look but I think you can still wear it during the day since the blazer adds a official/business touch. I kept the whole outfit in black and white which I think looks perfect. I love the black'n white blocked look so this blazer is simply perfect for it. Bringing in some more white I wore these white heels that look great but my feet had to suffer a bit...(girls...sometimes were crazy^^)

October 01, 2014

#3WaysDress BACK TO LEVI'S

Here comes the second article of this three-part series of how to style this dress in different ways. If you haven't see the first one yet, have a look here to find an elegant look for an evening event. Concerning todays post, I went on the completely different side for a more grungy and heavier look. Instead if a bright red lip, I chose this burgundy color which I'm in love with. But actually, I combined quite many favorite pieces of mine in this look: