February 26, 2015


Sometimes, a simple wall through the forest is all we need. So we took the little dog and went out on a small hill - up to the sunshine, to the last bits of snow and the view over the city. Since we finally got the new camera, we also took it with us and Matthew took some pictures while I was dancing in the sun. like a little child. Sometimes.

February 09, 2015

#Amsterdam FOOD GUIDE

AMSTERDAM - A beautiful city - and a wonderful place to spend all day with food: on the go, for a long breakfast, some tea and cake in the afternoon or a delicious dinner at night. Since we spent the last week there in this amazing city, I thought I could share with you some great places we've been to (and actually, we never ended up somewhere totally horrible, you would actually have to search the "bad places" :) All in all, I definitely fell in love with the city and the little restaurants and caf├ęs that are situated in all the small streets along the canals. So for your next holiday, give Amsterdam a try - and enjoy the food!

January 27, 2015


January seems like a crazy month - nothing's really like "normal" and I don't get to write a lot on the blog. Hope that'll get better next month :) However, you still need some rest every now and then, so why not make yourself some delicious cinnamon rolls? Obviously, it's not the thing you should eat tons of every day, but cinnamon rolls are simply to delicious to miss them. I made a variation by adding some chestnut to the dough and topping it with a simple but delicious (and very sweet) mascarpone cream. Hope you'll like it!

January 17, 2015


Here's finally a new article! I know it's been quite a time since I posted my last one, but things seem to get crazy with 2015: Matthew's camera just got broken so we needed to sent it in, so it'll be repaired. Also the new year started with quite a lot of work and I'm sure it's not over yet... We'll hope the best. So since everything is now a little more complicated according to having no camera, I decided to shoot my winter favorites with a basic camera I found at home - I think the quality is okay for these more simple pictures.

January 10, 2015


A little delicious sweet treat should always have place in our lives from time to time. So this time, I decided to create a soft and light cream with chocolate, pears and some cashew nuts. For the extra refreshing touch to balance out the sweet and creamy mousse, I decided to serve it with some filleted oranges and grapefruits. It gives you this little kick of sourness. 

So if you have some time and you fancy something sweet, try this mousse. Perfect for the warmer days in winter - or anytime you want it!