July 21, 2014


Day I + II - Here we go with my first article of my England journey. I've been there for 10 days, so I'm planning to split it in five parts, always combining two days together. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to shoot my outfit every day, so there will be only one outfit in between two journey posts. So much for my plans, hopefully it'll work and you'll like it!

July 19, 2014


RECIPE - Sometimes, we just need some sweets to make our day. For this occasion, cookies are just the perfect thing to go for. I made these ones for a friend's birthday (seems like I only bake when someone's got their birthday^^) and they were all eaten at the end of the day even though they kind of look a little awkward - like mini UFO's :) Still, you really have to try them since their so simple to make and so delicious to eat - enjoy!

July 15, 2014


Having a little black jacket is so perfect to have in your wardrobe since you can nearly wear it over every outfit to give it a chic touch. When I saw this one in the shop it reminded me of the Chanel tweed jacket's, maybe one day...^^ I wore this outfit for a normal day and played with the bright colors in green combined to the black of the jacket and slippers. The necklace matches perfectly to the whole look. I often wear it when going for this neon green shirt, but I didn't buy the two pieces together, I swear^^

July 12, 2014


HOLIDAYS - Maybe some of you already travelled in the mountains or at the sea or you are going there in a few days or weeks. Summer's so nice for travelling and discovering new places. Actually the outfit I'm wearing here also reminds me of some great trips I made in the past. I bought the shorts while spending some days in Munich, Germany. We were in a little hotel near the inner city so that we often could walk and didn't had to take the bus or underground to get to the sights. And in the evening we just stroll around till we'd found a restaurant. Thereby we discovered a great spot: It's some time ago so I don't remember it perfectly but I think it was general asian cuisine. Their dishes were absolutely delicious and the best: it was all vegetarian! (still the time I wasn't vegan yet) Sadely I forgot the name... maybe one of you know it? Or I'll have to go there again and search as long as I I'll have it found again^^

July 09, 2014


I feel like writing about this theme over and over, so just summarizing: Going for a walk through the nature in summer is perfect! That's it, I'll stop now - I promise guys (at least for this post^^)! So I went for these wonderful and simple blue shorts and a white blouse with a beautiful silver glittery collar. Since the blouse is quite sheer, I decided to wear a black bustier underneath which gives the look an interesting touch I think. And it's definitely an outfit for hot days!