August 22, 2014


Back to normal life after this special series of my England journal. It feels like everything is getting normal again: holidays are over (okay since quite a time already^^), the weather is getting colder and hot days are past... We all follow our daily business, day by day. Getting up, morning routine, business, coming home out of energy, eating, evening routine. It can become quite depressing when doing everyday nearly the same and more acting like a robot then follow your own dreams, being who YOU are, not what others expect.

August 19, 2014


LONDON - We finally come to an end of my England journey (hopefully it didn't bore you :) We shot these pictures at thee end of a huge shopping when it actually was already 9 o'clock in the evening!  We didn't make all the shops we anted to go to but still, I was totally done. Shopping can be so exhausting... We all know it! Actually it should be officially recognized as a Olympic sport - under the motto "Women Power", what do you think about it! ^^

August 15, 2014


LONDON - Back at home since quite a while, it's still nice to remember my trip to London since I enjoyed it so much. The city has that certain magic which stole my heart (or at least a art of it^^). So for my last article of my 10 days journey in the UK - I hope you liked it - I would like to show you something a little bit different than you may be used to on my blog: Art. Not any kind of art but street art, more precisely graffitis.

August 12, 2014


LONDON - What a perfect outfit to look sophisticated enough to visit an museum and fashionable enough to stroll around on on of the coolest markets in London: Spitalfields Market! I totally fell in love with this place, I even had to go there a second time^^ If you haven't been there yet, definitely plan to go there on your next trip to this wonderful city. Go there on Sunday when there are even more stalls^^ It's in the middle of East End and if you don't find something  to eat there, just walk about 20m and you'll find yourself on the street with the most curry restaurants outside India - yep, I'm talking about Brick Lane! But more about East End in my next post :)

August 09, 2014


DAY VII + VIII - In these two days of our stay in London we actually went to see the "Changing of the Guard" twice - which wasn't planned at the beginning! Further these two days involved also lots of shopping - once on a market which i fell in love with and second in the shops at Oxford Street.