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First of all, I just have to mention how much I loved shooting in front of this brick wall. I think it would give a special accent to every outfit, while this time, the red forms a beautiful contrast to the white and blue colors of the look. And no, the fur isn't real but faux fur, just in case you already worried :)

When we shot this look, it was morning and some business people passed by on their way to work. I really appreciate being already active in these early hours, when the day's still fresh and only at its beginning. I can't even describe this atmosphere - when everybody is just starting his daily routine while you are already working with a motivation that comes along with the earliness.
Unfortunately these moments are pretty rare since I often don't have time to work on the blog in the morning. And on the weekend - yup, I think we all now this feeling of lying in our warm and cozy bed and absolutely not wanting to get up, don't we? (Especially when we haven't gone to bed as early as we perhaps should, oops! ^^) 
Actually by writing this, I feel quite motivated to change my habit and get my butt out of the bed to enjoy the morning, this wonderful time when you know, how much time is still left for today - so inspirational. Hopefully, I will manage it!

Since it wasn't that warm (the sun had only just risen), I went with a long-sleeve shirt and this white faux fur vest that added some extra warmth. The rest was kept quite simple but of course, some jewelry couldn't be missing. What do you think about collar tips? I pretty like them and definitely need to buy some more. 

Enjoy the following pictures, get some inspiration and make use of the early hours of the day!


SHIRT - Yes or No
PANTS - Pieces
COLLAR TIP - Clockhouse
SHOES - Vögele Shoes

Pictures by Nadja


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