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We all have dreams, things we'd like to do. But mostly, we don't believe in ourselves. Logically, not everybody does achieve their goals, not everyone obtains success with what they're doing. But if we don't try, there's not even the chance to make it. And sometimes, only the fact of trying it makes a big difference. Maybe the way is already the objective. I think everyone of us should believe in their dreams. I know, it's not always easy. But why don't we just take some little moments for us in our daily live to work on them? It doesn't harm, does it?

It won't work from now on and you won't get it the first time you try (unless you're a lucky person). But - at least for me - the fact that there ARE people who believed in their dreams and who really MADE it keeps me on not giving up. They aren't heroes, godlike beings - they are people like you and me. So let's start making our dreams come true, let's start being creative in our very own ways. There are so many different personalities and each of them has their own abilities. And maybe by doing this, we can change something (no matter how small) or motivate and inspire others to believe in themselves too. I hope I can.

So take a little break, enjoy the following pictures, start dreaming - and when you wake up, just do it!


SWEATER - Clockhouse

Pictures by Nadja

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