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Sometimes a bright pop of color is all we need, especially talking of cold and foggy days when you actually want to stay at home, sitting on your sofa, wrapped in a cozy blanket and sipping on your favorite hot tea... Even though this sounds perfect, we need to go out there and have our daily duties done.

Luckily during the past week the weather changed so much that going out isn't troublesome anymore. But I found these pictures while looking through the pictures on my laptop and wanted to share them with you, just in case the weather would change again - nope, we absolutely don't want it to- so you'd have a little inspiration how to brighten up your day. 

I'm not a scientist or so but I could really imagine that having something bright and colorful around you may have an influence on your mood. I feel like I should patent this idea to create a whole therapy around it against winter depressions - just joking, you can make use of this tip for free :)

So I wore a quite colorless outfit with the result that the bag and shoes were the highlights of the whole look - and of course the hat. You should really invest in a big hat for these days, best thing to make you feel elegant, chic and fashionable while walking through the grim city.

And now, enjoy the summer and don't worry about winter yet, it will come sufficiently early!


HAT - nulu
BAG - Pieces
COAT - Only
SHOES - Roberto Santi
RINGS - River Island

Pictures by Nadja


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