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PENTECOST - On the long weekend last week I went to an African market, which is actually something I do every year because it's so worth it. These little stalls where you can buy jewelry, clothes, dreamcatcher - all in these wonderful oriental colors that I love so much. And last but not least: There's such delicious food! Everywhere you go you can smell the scent of curry with rice, you see fresh juices, colorful fruit salads - it's heaven on earth for me especially since quite a lot of them is vegan. Welcome African and Indian kitchen! Have you ever tried pakora? It's vegetables fried in a dough made of chickpea flour and without eggs - delicious! I've just discovered it this year since I always thought I don't like it. I had tried pakora once as a little child (but they must had been wrong made, it can't be explained in any other way^^) but the taste kind of wasn't my cup of tea - now: I'm addicted! But I have to stop myself here writing anything more about food or it would become longer than the bible^^

For my look, I wanted to make a contrast to the colorful world around me and went for a absolute black and white look with some gold details. The pants and the shirt are quite loose fitting and perfect for summer even though they're not shorts and a tank top. You always get told to only wear one loose item and keep the rest tight - forget this! With the right combination you can absolutely go for a total loose look. To let it still look more put together, I tuck a part of the bottom of the shirt in my waitband. The shoes are also very simple but have this lace detail which make them perfect for summer without having your feeds dying in stilettos^^ So this casual look was perfect for strolling between all the stalls and made me feel like being in the Orient for holidays!

Keep it simple, casual and chic guys and enjoy the summer (with some good food^^)!


SHIRT - Vintage

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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