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Summer is the perfect time to just hang out in the park and doing nothing - that's exactly what I did the day we shot these pictures. However, the perfect activity if you still want to do something is a cherry eating contest^^ Everyone eats so many of them till they can't any more because their mouth is full of cherry pits. But we actually ended in a draw because we ran out of cherries. Maybe we need to buy two packages next time :) 

Since it was really warm I went for some simple jeans shorts and paired them with this wonderful cardigan. It's perfect for these days because it's out of a super light fabric, I love the cut and the colors brings a happy feeling to it. Desigual is famous for their colorful clothes and I think they've done an amazing job with this cardigan. It's look is very unique and still suitable for daily use. What do you need more? 

Have a good start in the new week and escape for a little moment from your monday depression (if you have one otherwise you're a lucky kid on this world ;P) and enjoy the following colorful pictures and enjoy the sun outside! 


CARDIGAN - Desigual
SHOES - Sun & Shadow
RING - Mango
ARMLET - from Italy

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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