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GREEN - That's the color the whole world is covered with during summer. And there's nothing more beautiful then go for a little walk on a warm summer evening. And of course, you can keep it casual. Put on those sneakers, your favorite jeans and a oversized band tee. Still, I like to give the whole outfit an elegant twist by pairing a blazer with it add a statement necklace like this one made out off several silver chains. I really love the look of pairing quite casual and basic pieces with a little chicer ones to dress it up just a little bit.

So actually, this blazer is perfect: Simple, matching so many different looks and styles while it even has that special cut - white on the top, black underneath. When I saw it in the shop, I was absolutely sure that I need to buy it. Don't ask me why, but I didn't go in the shop to do so, I just kept it in mind. Then, when I finally went there i searched it, and searched, and searched... It had disappeared! (Okay, probably it was simply sold out, but "disappeared" makes the whole story more dramatically, doesn't it?^^) Poor little me had to leave without a shopping bag with this wonderful blazer in it, I had thought about for so long...

About one or two weeks later, I was again in the city and coincidentally also in this store. Suddenly, I found myself standing in front of a clothes rack - and guess what: There it was. Hanging in front of me. But the best thing: It was on sale! Sometimes there happen wonders^^ Of course I quickly snapped it, bought it and hang it in my wardrobe. So now I can wear it whenever I want - par example with a casual band tee and jeans for an evening walk in the green.

Enjoy the pictures guys, take on your own blazer and go walking into green summer!


TEE - Pimkie
JEANS - Zara
SHOES - Vögele Shoes

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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