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Food, food, food! We all need it and if it's even delicious, it becomes an own lifestyle. I always say that food's the best thing we can buy with money and that can make us happy! I'm really addicted to it and cooking belongs to my daily routine. It's really the best therapy you can get if you're feeling stressed or sad or what ever, while standing in the kitchen and only carrying about combining different flavours, you can have a break of your head thinking about all these problems and just life in the moment. So be sure that I'll be sharing some recipes with you now and then!

If you follow me on Instagram @anova_melody you may have realized that everything I ate was vegan. I've been trying it now for more than 3 months and feel quite well with it at the moment. But for me it doesn't mean that I can't return to a diet with animal products one day, whether it would be vegetarian or something else. (Hopefully I haven't hurt anyone with this sentence - if I did: I'm still vegan and not up to change it at the moment :) But I don't want to elaborate this topic further now and share with you this wonderful recipe. Maybe I will do a whole article about my reasons to be vegan and how I've became one. Would you be interested in it?

This time, I made a wonderful soup, using chickpeas and fennel and finished it up with a pinch of curry and a caramelized tofu topping. I love chickpeas - they are so multifarious, perfect for a salad, a stew or a soup and the curry just adds that certain flavour. Finally the topping is so easy to make and absolutely perfect to give the creamy consistent of the soup a crunchy touch.


First rinse and drain you're chickpeas  and set them aside. Then chop your onion, fennel and garlic and cut the ginger in small pieces.

Heat one tablespoon of oil in a pan. Once it's hot, add the onion and braise them lightly. After you've added the fennel, garlic and ginger, braise everything for another 4 minutes. Now you can also put in the chickpeas, curry powder and curcuma and wait some more minutes till the spices start to spread their scent in your kitchen.
Pour in the bouillon and let everything simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes.

While the soup is cooking, you can prepare your topping:
Cut the spring onion in small rings and grate the tofu. Heat the rest of oil and roast the onion and tofu gently just before they burn. Now add the agave syrup, only wait for a few seconds to let it caramelize, then set it aside (you really have to pay attention so you won't let it scorch).

When the 15 minutes are over, blend the soup and salt to taste. Serve it with the tofu topping and enjoy!

Pictures by myself

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