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There are people, who say that wearing socks with open shoes is a absolute no-go. However, I think it can look really cute if you go for a special pair like this one with a lace border. Of course, a boring and plane black one wouldn't look that nice, but what about this combination? Especially since the ruby of the socks matches the color of the dress so well. Paired with gold and black accessories, it became the perfect look for going out in the evening.

We first went to the cinema and the in a restaurant where they serve quite good fajitas - big love! (But actually: Which kind of food am I not in love with? ;P) The spot is so cool since you can reorder the sauces and tortillas as long as you're still hungry - perfect, isn't it? So that evening was a lot of fun talking of the film we watched and culinary because of the good food. Spending a relaxing evening like this is really needed from time to time!

So have a nice sunday guys and if you haven't already planned something for today, what about going to the cinema again? Just look up which film is on lately and go for it :) And if you absolutely can't make up your mind: The next film I'd like to watch is "The Fault in Our Stars" - maybe as a little decision guidance :) Have fun!


NECKLACE - Karstadt
SHOES - Marco Tozzi
SOCKS - Primark
BELT - Primark

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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