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While looking through the pictures on my laptop I've found these ones: It was one of the first warm days and we went for a little walk, fields surrounding us, when we found these beautiful shrubs with wonderful little yellow flowers on them. It was the perfect place at the right time since the sun had just started to set and bathed everything in its warm light. For me, these first days of sun, warmth and sunsets are kind of magical: They make me feel happy, calm, giving me this certain ease. 

It seems like I end up talking about the weather - especially everything concerning the sun - quite often but nature's such a grand wonder. It has the power of letting us feel happy, sad, protected or lonely - and one single sunray can conjure a smile on your face. Magical, isn't it? We often forget that nature has still a big influence on us. So let's protect it as best as we can, everybody step-by-step to treat it with respect for our and the world's future.

This outfit made me feel like a part of the nature around me: The loose top that fluttered in the wind, giving the whole look a flowing shape. And the necklace reminds me of American Indian - people who were much more connected with the nature then we are now - jewelry, the color, material and mold. I actually bought it during my trip to Vietnam this year, so it's also a keepsake for me with a deeper meaning than every normal piece of jewelry you can simply buy in a shop around the corner.

And finally, it was the first sunset of this year I saw while sitting outside in the grass, simply feeling the moment. Hopefully I can share this feeling somehow with you through the following pictures. And if not: Go out and experience it on your own!


SHOES - Vögele Shoes
NECKLACE - from Vietnam

pictures by Nadja


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