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LUCERNE - If you follow me on Instagram @anova_melody you might know that I spent my last weekend in and near Lucerne in my beautiful home country Switzerland. Normally, when I'm at home, I don't really see its beauty. But when you make a little trip you can discover all these wonderful places: This time it was the lake surrounded by the mountains whose summits were still covered with white snow. On the boat trip we made, I was just sitting there in the warm sun like a little kid, fascinated by the world around me. These are the short moments we live for, when the world stops moving and the only thing we have to do is being there, breathe and marvel at the wonders of mother nature.

While in Lucerne, we strolled around in town: At the market near the river we found some delicious olives and ate them on our way. If I hadn't been vegan, I would have probably tried one of the thousand cheeses they were selling there. But so I had to be satisfied with the scent when I passed by. (I actually have to admit: I LOVED cheese... sometimes it's really hard not to eat it...)
Then we spent at least one hour (It was probably quite more^^) in a boutique for jewellery and watches because I'm thinking about getting a watch but have absolutely no idea which one since I've never really cared about them. Actually, I fell in love with a watch I found there. The problem: I disbelieve that I will afford it.

Finally at noon, while hanging at the lake we shot these pictures. I went for a lace top and skirt and this wonderful beret I once found in a little hat store in Munich. I didn't go for colors in this look to keep it elegant and harmonious. Actually I felt a bit like a parisian woman, spending some days in Switzerland. There we see how just a accessory can change your attitude for some hours.

So enjoy the pictures and look around you: maybe there's something new to discover!

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TOP - Vero Moda
SHOES - Metro
CHAIN - Vintage
BERET - from Munich

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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