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WEGGIS - This is the second look we shot during our weekend escape last week. Again at the lake, again with wonderful hot weather. I decided to go for this marine inspired outfit: Typically with red jeans and a blue striped top. By adding the trench coat, the cat eye shaped glasses and the pearl necklace the look got that certain elegance needed. I really like wearing coats and jackets just thrown over my shoulders. Actually like this, their function of keeping me warm is kind of minimized but who needs a warm layer when the sun shines bright on your face and the temperature hasn't soared higher in a long time? So wearing your coat over the shoulders has even two advantages: It looks pretty chic and you don't have to die from the heat :)

While shooting on this jetty between a yacht and motorboat - that I couldn't afford - made me feel like a lady going to spend her sunday afternoon on her private boat, relaxing on the stern and sipping some cocktail. Perfect vision of a summer afternoon, isn't it? Maybe it will be real one day - let's hope so. But even sitting there, looking at the lake in front of me and the mountains behind made me feel quite happy as well! Like I said in my post before: It's all about the little moments in life that count.

And just by wearing something that makes you look elegant you can also feel it. So get your beautiful summer dresses out of your wardrobe, add some elegant accessories and promenade along a river or the seaside, on a boulevard or in a beautiful rose garden, sit in a little french cafĂ© and get you some cold drink to sip on while enjoying the sunshine or watching the passersby. Get inspired!


TOP - Only
PANTS - Only
GLASSES - Pieces
BELT - Pieces
SHOES - Cube
NECKLACE - made of different chains I got

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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