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OMG - even twice! The first omg is for the fact, that I'm actually right now on the way to the airport when this post gets online. For all of you who don't already know: I'm going to England for 10 days! (And I'm happy as a little child^^) So stay updated for some british posts! But at the moment I'm writing this article I still have my suitcase to pack... Really hate it because I'm so bad in picking the clothes I need especially since I want to have enough place for the shopping in London^^ Also I had the idea of only packing as few things as possible to show you how you can style different outfits with no more than these pieces to give you an inspiration of packing for holidays (we'll see if it's going to work - as I said, it's a big challenge for myself to not overpack!)

And now the second omg: Aren't these pictures amazing? I actually shot them with my friend some months ago but I have to share them with you! They are my favorites of all the pictures we shot together (hopefully it doesn't seem like boasting, I'm not wanting to tell you how I look or whatever!) What makes them so perfect for me is the location and the colors of the look that match so good in the scene. It was so much fun on this platform at the railway station - need to go there a second time (or more! ;P) What do you think?

Have a good start and maybe you're even reading this article in the train?^^

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SWEATER - United Colors Of Benetton
JACKET - Rokit
SHOES - Rieker
CHOKER - Mango
BAG - Bree
RINGS & Armlet - H&M

pictures by Nadja


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