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HOLIDAYS - Maybe some of you already travelled in the mountains or at the sea or you are going there in a few days or weeks. Summer's so nice for travelling and discovering new places. Actually the outfit I'm wearing here also reminds me of some great trips I made in the past. I bought the shorts while spending some days in Munich, Germany. We were in a little hotel near the inner city so that we often could walk and didn't had to take the bus or underground to get to the sights. And in the evening we just stroll around till we'd found a restaurant. Thereby we discovered a great spot: It's some time ago so I don't remember it perfectly but I think it was general asian cuisine. Their dishes were absolutely delicious and the best: it was all vegetarian! (still the time I wasn't vegan yet) Sadely I forgot the name... maybe one of you know it? Or I'll have to go there again and search as long as I I'll have it found again^^

The second destination the outfit remembers me is Rome. I spent there a whole week and what should I say - The city is amazing! Of course in Italy it's ALL about the good food (always have to mention it^^) But Rome has so much more: you see everywhere you go the old Roman ruins. The people are relaxed and still temperamental, driving around on their vespas. Okay- this sounds kind of cheesy and stereotyped but it's really how the whole atmosphere appeared to me, and I loved it! 

So as you might see, I'm a huge fan of travelling and mostly get euphoric about where I am. So enjoy the pictures and your holidays!

When this post is published I'm in London for already 2 days - follow me on Instagram @anova_melody!


SHORTS - American Apparel
TOP - Tezenis
SHOES - Graceland

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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