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First of all, I'm so happy to look forward to next week: I'm going on a trip to England for actually 10 days - quite long, isn't it?^^ The first week I will spend in the south of England and the last 5 days, my friends and me are going to London! We still have to organize some things but I am so ready to head off. I hope that it's going to be a fun and relaxing time with many interesting experiences and cool things to discover (and some shopping in London, of course! hehe ^^) Hopefully I'll be able to shoot some looks and maybe even take pictures to make a little England diary for you where I share the spots I went and little (I use to call them kind of "magic") moments I get to live. Would you be interested?

But you don't have to worry that there will be absolute silence here on the blog for nearly two weeks. I try to work like crazy this one week left before my departure to prepare some articles for you. Thanks to the internet that this is possible - kind of genius, I think! So stay updated here on the blog even when I'll be actually in England and check out my Instagram @anova_melody to follow my experiences. (Hopefully I'll have some good WLAN, crossing my fingers!)

So much for the news - here what I wore on a mild summer day in the city. I went for a quite black and grungy look and added a pop of color with this perfect red cardigan. I got it from my mum since she cleared out here wardrobe and asked me if I want it - of course I do! :) Sometimes the best things are just around the corner (literally) and we simply don't know it yet. So let's all go and have a look in our parents wardrobe - ready to find some little treasures for pairing them in your own way?

Have a day full of magic moments and enjoy the pictures!


PANTS - Zara
TOP - Urban Outfitters
CARDIGAN - Essentiel
SHOES - Marco Tozzi
NECKLACES - Pieces, Gift from Canada
BACKPACK - from Vietnam

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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