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Day I + II - Here we go with my first article of my England journey. I've been there for 10 days, so I'm planning to split it in five parts, always combining two days together. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to shoot my outfit every day, so there will be only one outfit in between two journey posts. So much for my plans, hopefully it'll work and you'll like it!

The first day, we arrived in Littlehampton, on the south coast of England. Since we had travelled for hours, we didn't feel like doing too much so we went for a little walk through the village and ended up at the sea. It was amazing to just stand there on the beach, looking out on the sea, the wind blowing through my hair and seagulls flying over my head. But we had to pay a little attention to them since they use to poo down wherever they want while they're flying around. Devious little birds... ^^

In the evening we just took something to eat in a shop (their portions were gigantic!) and walked to the dunes where we took a bath in the sea. It was really cold but so worth it! Swimming there in the water going with the waves and looking at the moon in the sky. Yup, this sounds quite cheesy, but it was beautiful!

The second day, we took the train to Arundel, where we first visited a church which has a really nice organ inside. It's dark red with beautiful ornaments on it. Further we walked up a little hill to the Hiorne Tower. I found it quite impressive since it's only a little tower with nothing more around it but grassland! Continuing with our walk, we were surrounded by green nature till we came to a lake, the Swanbourne Lake, where's also the Arundel Waterfowl Reserve. The perfect place to have a little rest for lunch. 

Later on in the afternoon, we went to visit the Arundel Castle. It belongs to the Duke of Norfolk which opened it for tourists. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take pictures inside so I only can share with you the breathtaking view we had from the top.
Enjoy the pictures!

pictures by Nadja

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