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ARUNDEL - As for my outfits I wore in England, I sadly can't show you all of them since I hadn't everyday the time to shoot them. Hopefully you still enjoy the few ones I did and maybe you get inspired how to pack clever for your holidays. I tried to pack as little as possible for still combining some nice outfits. So here we go with the first one!

It's been the second day when we went to Arundel. We shot these pictures around noon before our visit of the Arundel Castle. It's a little ruin just about 50 meters away from the entrance, so I thought it would be the perfect location while we were waiting.

I went for a quite simple outfit which has still a twist because of the pattern of the top combined with the striped pale blue jeans. The cardigan added just another layer so that I wouldn't freeze myself to death ;P No, I'm kidding. Actually the weather was quite warm, especially when you remember that I was in England. It didn't rain as much as everybody tells you at home. So a light cardigan added just enough warmth and I could easily take it off when the sun came out and put it in my backpack since it needs nearly no space when folded together. And a pair of sneakers are the shoes to go for a day walking around.

Enjoy the following pictures and get inspired guys!


PANTS - American Apparel
RING - Mango
SHOES - Vögele Shoes

pictures by Nadja

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