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DAY III + IV - Here we go with the next part of my journey in England. Maybe some of you who follow me on Instagram @anova_melody wondered about a picture I've posted about two weeks ago: You can see a building on it which kind of looks like a palace in India but it actually isn't. The Royal Pavillon how it's called is placed in the middle of Brighton, surrounded by a nice park^^ But later more to this.

The third day in England, we actually wanted to visit the Roman palace in Fishbourne but we couldn't. So we decided to go directly to Chichester where we visited the Cathedral which is quite big and impressive. After that we took a little walk on the historical city wall from where you can have a look in all the little English back yards of the row houses. I really found this interesting. There are gardens where they have like the typical English lawn and everything nice in place, others look more like a little jungle where actually everything could be hidden and nobody would ever found it! (Maybe an old treasure chest? - just joking^^)
After lunch we took the bus to West Wittering where we spent the afternoon at the beach and the dunes. It was soo windy, you can't even imagine and finding a hidden place was nearly impossible (maybe I should have gone back to Chichester in my jungle). That was also the reason why I decided not to go swimming but there were many other people who did. For the English it must have been a beautiful day at the beach I think, but for those who are not used to it...

The next day we went to Brighton and wanted to visit the Royal palace I mentioned at the beginning. But sadly, this wasn't possible too (we were literally out of luck since we couldn't visit the Roman palace either the day before...). The people who work there were striking. But I really suggest you going inside if you're ever visiting Brighton since it looks so nice on the pictures I've seen. 
Our next stop was the Brighton Pier which kind of confused me (actually a lot). It's like a large casino for kids! I mean, they're still children... While walking through I only saw all these little kids standing there with a bowl where they had all their coins inside and all they were doing is grabbing on after another and throwing them in the slot machine in front, hoping there would be something fall down for them. I couldn't really understand why you let them do this. Still I found something nice on the Brighton Pier^^  If you make it to the very end (and don't get stuck at one of all these machines ;P) you'll find a beautiful view of the sea and the Skyline of Brighton. Amazing!
After a cup of coffee to get a little bit warmer (I was literally freezing) we spent the afternoon with shopping^^. And in the evening, since it was our last on the south coast before we went to London, we decided to spend some hours at sea in Littlehampton after dinner, looking at the moon that reflected in the water.

pictures by Nadja and me

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