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WEST WITTERING - As mentioned in my previous post, we spend a whole afternoon at the beach of West Wittering. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and not a single rain drop fell down from above (kind of unusual if thinking of the stereotyped England). Still, I didn't want to swim in this beautiful blue-green sea since the wind was blowing so much that it wasn't that warm despite the sun.The English, of course, took out there swimwear - must have been a beautiful day for them ^^ (Just kidding, I don't want to hurt anyone whether your from England or not!)

For that day I went for a denim shirt and these super comfortable shorts which I could wear for ever - day and night, they would actually be quite comfortable for sleeping. Since I didn't want to wear long pants, which can get pretty hot in the sun I went for some shorts with tights, which give you this little protection from freezing in the wind. So at the beach, I was glad to have them! And again, I wore my comfy sneakers for running around in England all day :)


SHOES - Vögele Shoes

pictures by Nadja

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