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Balmy summer evening, sunset and a jacket that keeps you warm against the wind announcing autumn - that's when we shot these pictures. Since the light was already subdued, the pictures got a certain fuzziness which points out the ambiance of a night out even more. The time of the evening when you leave not to come back until it's dark and silent, the streets are empty and your heels sound while walking.

So as dark as this late hours is nearly my whole outfit. Black jacket, black shorts, black heels. Only the top is pale blue, shining like the full moon in the sky - giving the dark its hope...Okay we're getting poetical ^^
But by adding this loose top, the outfit becomes a perfect look for a summer night out. Also the black gets a little more structure by wearing different materials: the leather jacket and the sequin shorts. I actually got the jacket in the vintage store in London i already mentioned in one of my previous posts and it has become a big obsession of mine^^

Adding some silver jewelry gives the sky its stars back and there you go - a sky full of energy ready for the night! And don't forget to shine from inside and... Smile!


TOP - Vero Moda
SHORTS - Pimkie
JACKET - Rockit London
SHOES - Marco Tozzi
NECKLACE - Urban Outfitters
BRACELET - from Vietnam

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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