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It seems like summer finally came to a real end and autumn is almost here... Let's not forget the warm days totally and hope for a little sunshine before the time of rain and clouds is back! The problem about the return of bad weather is also the changing mood. As I already said, the sun has such a big influence on it. So in the colder and darker part of the year it's even more difficult to stay positive and motivated during the day - we have consciously look at the little magical things in our lives since there's not often a sunray that brightens our mood on its own. So what do you do to keep the sunshine in your heart even if the rain falls outside your window?

When we made the following pictures, it wasn't raining at all - luckily! It was still one of those warm summer days where you need nothing but a light romper and a hat (you may have realized that I'm addicted to hats... big love <3). And if it's still getting a bit colder, just throw over a denim jacket and there you go, ready to see the sun!

What I love about rompers or jumpsuits is that they always look gorgeous without even having to think about what to wear. Also there are no needless layers which would only make you sweat in the sun - summer's really uncomplicated! But let's see it positive and look forward to layer things by creating a stylish and chic combination. We could say it like that: The colder the more clothes we can wear at the same time so we don't need to make a decision between two things! ^^ (just joking :)

Clear your head of the negative thoughts and share your way to stay positive! 


(now is the point I'm realizing that i nearly wore all H&M :')
SHOES - Graceland

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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