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LITTLEHAMPTON - When traveling, I like to feel comfortable so a casual and sporty outfit is just perfect. That's what I wore on my last day at the South coast of England when we travelled to London in the afternoon. I went for these super soft shorts, a loose shirt and - of course - my cardigan which kept me warm. Layers are great since sometimes it can get a little cold because of the aircon weather you're traveling by train, plane or bus. And even if this outfit is quite loose fitting, the matching color keeps it together - so perfect for traveling. 

I also try to use as little makeup as possible and stay with a clean and natural face. Actually in holidays, especially on the beach, I try to not only give myself a relaxing time but also my skin some time to breath. I don't know why but in holidays I often feel like makeup isn't that needed even when I'm not only sitting at home in my pajamas^^

So actually, these are the first pictures taken by Matthew again. Maybe some of you have realized that the first few pictures of my England journey were taken by Nadja, not him. That was actually because he hadn't his camera... When we arrived in England at the airport, his suitcase didn't - and there was also his camera in it. So when asking they told him it would still come the same day and that they would send it to the place we were staying at. But that day, nothing happened. And also neither on the second nor the third day. You can't imagine how many phone calls he made, day by day. Finally, at about one o'clock of our fifth (!) day there, the day we departed to London, someone came and brought it. He was quite happy - logically - because living four days without your own things isn't that much fun, especially in holidays. But luckily it did came back with everything still in it, so we could take these pictures on the quay in Littlehampton^^



TEE - Pimkie
SNEAKERS - Vögele Shoes
NECKLACE - from a Christmas fair 
(sadly the pendant got lost in London :/ )

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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