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LONDON - We finally come to an end of my England journey (hopefully it didn't bore you :) We shot these pictures at thee end of a huge shopping when it actually was already 9 o'clock in the evening!  We didn't make all the shops we anted to go to but still, I was totally done. Shopping can be so exhausting... We all know it! Actually it should be officially recognized as a Olympic sport - under the motto "Women Power", what do you think about it! ^^

I decided to go for a uncomplicated - since you have to put off and on your clothes all the time for changing - yet chic outfit. The cardigan gives you a more sophisticated look while it's still practical since you just  throw it over while going from shop to shop to shop to... I'll stop! I think you get the point.

Actually when shopping i really think about what would be practical to wear. If you try on a shirt the bottom you're wearing shouldn't be too extraordinary so you can decide on the tee without being confused by the look of the combination with your bottom. So I suggest you to go with some basic pieces which are more slim fitted and have a nice cut. Also jewellery aremostly annoying while putting your clothes on and off. Remember: the less the better!

Enjoy your shopping after the pictures guys!


SHOES - Graceland

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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