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DAY VII + VIII - In these two days of our stay in London we actually went to see the "Changing of the Guard" twice - which wasn't planned at the beginning! Further these two days involved also lots of shopping - once on a market which i fell in love with and second in the shops at Oxford Street.

So on the seventh day, we actually wanted to get some food for breakfast, eat it in the St. James' Park and then take a walk to the Buckingham Palace... We didn't made it (sleep, sleep, sleep...why do we need it?) So after waking up we had to hurry to get there at 11:30. Since we arrived there quite late, the good places were already occupied by thousands of tourists so our view of the guards wasn't THE best and after 5 minutes it started raining... We decided to leave!^^
Our next destination was the British museum which is huge! I mean I knew it - kind of - but not soooo huge! I didn't had the patience to visit it all so I went for the Asian exposition which I really liked But the one that i liked the most was a gold figure called "Ram in a Thicket" from Iraq.
After that we went to the Brick Lane Market - and I fell in love! I generally love markets where you simply can stroll around the stalls and find some little treasures. I found 2 sunglasses (Actually could have bought more but I had to stop myself :), some jewelry and food. But still hungry, we went to an Italian restaurant called Conchiglia near Regents Park. I had some delicious pasta but definitely go for a pizza. A friend of mine had one and it is pure heaven!

The next day we went on the free walking tour around Buckingham palace (our second time there^^), St James' Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben. I definitely recommend you to do it if you ever visit London! (check it out here) Our guide Luke was funny and told us some really interesting and (more or less) important things about London^^
In the afternoon we bought some tickets for a musical on wednesday, ate some delicious food in the vegetarian restaurant Food for Thought and then our shopping started! First in the vintage shop ROKIT - my favorite shop in London - and then on Oxford Street... Time went by so quickly which means that we finished at 9 pm with still some shops left (luckily we went there the next day :P)
And for the end of the day, we enjoyed the delicate food they serve in the turkish restaurant Tas. Go for there starters menu! (I feel like recommending you every restaurant I've been to but by thinking about it, I must say that we had real luck since I found all of them perfectly delicious!^^)

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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