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LONDON - Back at home since quite a while, it's still nice to remember my trip to London since I enjoyed it so much. The city has that certain magic which stole my heart (or at least a art of it^^). So for my last article of my 10 days journey in the UK - I hope you liked it - I would like to show you something a little bit different than you may be used to on my blog: Art. Not any kind of art but street art, more precisely graffitis.

On our second to last day, we did another tour with Undiscovered London which led us through East End (really interesting! If you are more interested in the free walking tour around Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, check out my article here to find out more about it :) And as you may know, East End is the more artistic part of London, where many street artists show their artwork. As Luke - our guide - told us, the graffitis often stay there for only a few weeks till someone else puts his own over it.

I was quite fascinated by those huge paintings in which they invest so much time and effort even by knowing that it wont stay for long. I know, they're not everyone's cup of tea and neither I would say that I find them all beautiful. But some are really amazing pieces! Actually I can't describe exactly why I like them, maybe because it's the try of showing your art and expressing yourself in an different way than in "normal" galleries - simply on the street where everybody can see it.

Following you see some of the pieces which exert a certain fascination on myself - hopefully you like it! Let YOU fascinate and inspire by them. Since it's art I will write the names of the artist (if I know them) under the picture - I think that's nothing but fair because it's them who made it!

by ROA

by Zio Ziegler

by Pixel Pancho

by Lily Mixe

by Horror Crew

by SER

by Borondo

by RONE 


pictures by Matthew Alexander

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