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FIRST LOOK - I guess we all have basic pieces in your closet that we often style the same way. But every piece (especially basic ones) can look quite varied depending on what you combine with it. So that's why I thought to come up with this series: x ways to style a certain piece from your wardrobe. I hope you can get inspired to try out new ways of styling with your clothes. Often, most of us think we need MORE clothes for a larger variety, but mostly we just need to be more creative with the things we already have :) So lets get inspired!

For the first episode, I wanted to go with this really basic dress I bought at H&M. It has a high neckline, a quite wide cut on the sides (that why I always wear a bustier underneath) and a leg slit. Made out of cotton, it's a quite stretchy, soft and thin fabric that is super comfortable to wear. But to make it not only comfortable but also good looking, we have to style it with some other pieces. I always thought there would be not many possibilities to style this dress but I guess I was wrong. So here we go with the first of three different ways to wear this dress for different occasions:

The first one is quite simple. I didn't had to add so many other things, just a few accessories to bring out this elegant look you could wear for example to a evening event with a  chic dresscode. I only paired it with black pieces and gave it a nice touch of color with this red belt and of course a red lip. Red is timeless and chic and especially the lip paired with the nearly all black look makes it elegant. I went for some heels and a clutch that is perfectly for a evening event to store you're most important little things in it.

So here we go, the first look: a elegant mix of red and black! Get inspired!


BUSTIER - American Apparel
HEELS - Marco Tozzi
BRACELET - from Vietnam

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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