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Here's another outfit I styled with my new leather jacket from London (check out the first look here): This time it's more in a artistic was as I would call it^^ I paired it with   black hat that i totally fell in love with during this summer - I wore it all the time in holidays! As you might know, I'm obsessed withs hats and this specific one makes every outfit look a little bohemian and grungy. Going further with this vibe, I wore a darker red lip and kept the rest of the outfit in these colors: dark blue and black, dark red and a clean white blouse.

Looking at these photos draws a picture in my head of a musician travelling the world with nothing but his guitar (I know that's what is missing on the pictures^^ So just try to imagine me holding a black guitare case in my hand). This imagination transports this special spirit of living from day to day and emjoyong every moment because we have them only once - life goes on and time goes by! And this imagination is exactly this since you don't know where you'll be in one week so the only thing left is now - so live it! I know that in real life such a life must be quite hard but still, this picture fills you up with this good feeling - maybe hope too - to say "Hello life, let's get into you and live!"

A song I've been listening a lot lately (also now^^) is "Scare away the dark" by Passenger. He also sings about living your life activly, feel all these wonderful emotions that exist, love, and be fascinated by the world. I think in our modern world we loose ourself in social media and computers while time passes by - and at the end of the day we have to realize that again, one more day is just over...

Instead, let us find the little child we all have inside and restart to be overwhelmed by the world around us since children still do it, they discover new things every day and are fascinated by it. But we kind of loose this feeling, get used to our everyday life and don't pay attention any more to the little things around us which could make us smile if we opened our hearts for them.

So enjoy these pictures, listen to that wonderful song and go to live all those little moments you get while watching the stars, feeling the sun on your skin or walking through the forest - a gift from life for free!


JACKET - Rockit London
BLOUSe -Topshop
PANTS - Zara
SHOES - Roberto Santi
SCARF - from a market

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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