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This striped crop top always reminds me of the uniforms the prisoner wear. But combined with these shorts and my black had (summer favorite! but I think I will wear it all year long^^) my outfit has some little differences to the one they're wearing, doesn't it? This top is really classic through the stripes but the fact that it's cropped makes it modern. 

Do you know the song "Jailhouse Rock" from Elvis? This shoot actually reminds me of it. First because of the stripes, of course! But second since we shot these pictures while a band was doing a soundcheck for the concert in the evening on the stage behind me. The atmosphere was perfect and yup, sometimes you could see me starting to dance on the street and feeling the music - thats what I call freedom and happiness! 

It's not about what others are thinking of you, it's about how YOU feel inside. And this feeling doesn't mean the thoughts you have about if other like what you do, it's the feeling that only comes from your heart, from you inside, uninfluenced by others. And if this feeling increases by dancing: just do it! No matter how many people are standing around you and see it, it all about you in this wonderful moment that only exists in this one second of your life, so live it!

I think blogging also helped me to be more confident. By putting yourself out there (in the internet) many others can see you and they will judge you. In the beginning, you're afraid of this but then comes the point when you simply start and you're not allowed to care too much about what others think of you. You have to stay yourself!

Yes, that's my favorite iced chai with soy milk from tibits... another treasure in life :D


TOP - Pimkie
SHOES - Graceland
NECKLACE - from Vietnam
BRACELET - from Czech Republik

pictures my Matthew Alexander


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