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#QuickUpdate CGC DAILY

CGC DAILY - This time there's no new article, I'm sorry :) But I just wanted to let you know that I'm now a new contributor of CGC Daily, a digital publication dedicated to the modern business woman. They talk about fashion, health, business, and lifestyle, all the stuff that might be interesting for all of us independent women of our time!

I really think that this is an interesting (and quite) new platform since they have asked different woman to write articles for them regularly so you find there inputs from all over the world from directors through bloggers to stylists. So feel free to check it out here!

For the beginning, I will write a new article for them every two weeks, the first just came out. It deals with different alternatives to the normal classic black blazer which could get boring from time to time. Wanna some variety? Click here to check out 5 different ways to have more fun with blazers :)


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