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Hello rain, welcome fall! We finally are back to the cold part of the year (it's only September!) but there's nothing we can do against, so let's make the best out of it. Why not taking your umbrella and go dancing in the heaviest rain. There's this adage: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." Let's take it literally!^^

By further trying to see the positive, we can look at our umbrella as another accessoire and adapt it to our outfit. In my case, it was more or less by accident that the black umbrella matched my black blouse so well. Paired with these dusky pink pants, it became an elegant look for everyday. Especially since those pants are so comfortable. I felt like walking around in my pajamas since the material is extremely light and smooth. I could wear them all day long...

We shot those pictures between two meetings in Zurich. For lunch, we decided to go to a vegetarian restaurant: the Tibits. They also serve vegan food which makes the place turn into heaven for me. They always have a big buffet of warm and cold dishes from which you can choose your favorites. Definitely try it out and ask for a iced chai with soya milk to take away (or a rooibos chai with soya milk for the colder months :). It's my favorite drink on the go, much better than any Starbucks coffee! 


PANTS - Topshop
BELT - Only
SHOES - Graceland
BAG - from a little shop in Amsterdam

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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