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What to do when it's raining and you want to take some pictures? Exactly - find an arcade in the city and there you go! While the rain is pouring hard, you stay dry^^Actually my outfit doesn't look like cold and rainy weather but i still wanted to go with it - and in the morning it didn't look like bad weather at all. I have an excuse! And afterwards I went to a delicious thai restaurant and got some amazing (and hot!) curry which made me feel warm again :)

For the outfit, I went with a quite simple dress which has this wonderful detail around the neck. The dip dye effect makes it even more unique. I actually found it about two years ago in a little boutique in Italy while I spent some relaxing holidays there. I think it's the perfect dress for the beach, that's why I don't wear it often when at home. Still, this time I went for it and paired it with some black ties to put on something that may be me at least a bit warm. Some light brown accessories and the look was finished (the purse is actually also from Italy^^). These sandals I also bought in London and they became home to my feet for the whole summer! They match nearly everything and I can walk in them for the whole day - real comfort!


DRESS - from Tropea, Italy
PURSE - from Rome, Italy
SHOES - Topshop
RINGS - River Island and H&M

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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