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I love shooting on late afternoon since the sun bathes the pictures in warm light and lets the colors appear beautifully soft. Fitting to this atmosphere, I wore a white top with a lace detail on the sleeve and this flirty pale turquoise skirt with little flowers on it. I own the skirt since many years - my grandma made it for me as a little child. Actually, I didn't wear it that often until about a year when I found it while tidying out my closet. Here I pulled it up quite high underneath the loose shirt, normally it's a midi skirt But as I always say: Find new ways to style your clothes!

But not only the skirt is handmade - also the necklace: by me. I do not only love styling clothes and wear them, I'm also into making them on my own. Especially creating jewelry since I don't have that much time to sew something. The past few days, I finally could make some again after a (too) long time and I noticed again how much I love creating. It satisfies me in the most creative way! So one of my dreams is being able to design and make clothes and jewelry on my own one day, having the chance to get myself totally into this creative flow. Maybe one day...

Actually, these soft shades remind me on a nice dream so start dreaming and then, make your dreams real. Get inspired!


SHIRT - Orsay
SKIRT - made by grandma^^
NECKLACE - selfmade
SHOES - Metro
PURSE - Pieces
BRACELET - Old Spitalfields Market
RING - Gift

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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