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#3WaysDress BACK TO LEVI'S

Here comes the second article of this three-part series of how to style this dress in different ways. If you haven't see the first one yet, have a look here to find an elegant look for an evening event. Concerning todays post, I went on the completely different side for a more grungy and heavier look. Instead if a bright red lip, I chose this burgundy color which I'm in love with. But actually, I combined quite many favorite pieces of mine in this look:

As you already know (I feel like repeating the same again and again^^) I am obsessed with hats, and this one is my favorite of the summer. Sadly I've bee wearing it lately when it started raining heavily. Since it's made out of FILZ, the material got wider while wet and dried into a new deformed shape... (makes me really sad!)
Another favorite are these sunglasses I bought on a market in London. I think I totally got about 4 new sunglasses this summer... totally helpless when I see all the different shapes!^^ The sandals wear taking care of my feet the whole holidays (doing a good job!) - but the most eye-catching piece in this look might be the denim jacket I found in a Vintage shop in London (Rockit - definitely check it out!). Obviously it's a vintage one, little bit (and perfectly) distressed and it's Levi's. I don't know about you but when I realized this, I wanted it even more since this brand really stands for the beginning of denim and the era this jacket reminds me on.

All in all a perfect outfit to spend some time strolling around or with friends. Get inspired!


DENIM JACKET - Levi's (bought at Rockit)
BELT - Pieces
SHOES - Topshop
RINGS - Mango/H&M
SUNGLASSES -  Old Spitalfields Market

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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