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Here's the last post of the tree-part series on how to style this basic dress in different ways. Check out the first look Red Elegance or Back to Levi's by clicking on the link if you haven't seen it yet! So for the last look, I went for a also elegant look but I think you can still wear it during the day since the blazer adds a official/business touch. I kept the whole outfit in black and white which I think looks perfect. I love the black'n white blocked look so this blazer is simply perfect for it. Bringing in some more white I wore these white heels that look great but my feet had to suffer a bit...(girls...sometimes were crazy^^)

To match my outfit, I tried a quite different eye look then I normally go for. I tried to keep my whole face quite nude - also my lips - and went only for tons of mascara on my lashes. I even skipped to fill in my brows which I actually never do - I feel like they are a key piece of my usual make up look. However this time, I kept them how they are^^ We all should try out new things and experiment!

Get inspired!


SHOES - Blink Shoes
RINGS - from Czech Republic and H&M

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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