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VALENCIA, SPAIN - I'm finally here, writing this article right from my hotel room in beautiful spain. I've been looking forward to this holiday for so long, especially since it got quite cold, rainy and foggy in Switzerland! No sunshine anymore... Anyway, here, the weather is so warm, I actually feel hot even in my summer clothes. From our room, we can see the sea and the beach (extremely soft sand - my feet felt like walking in heaven^^) We're staying in the Las Arenas Balneario Resort which is really nice! Normally I'm not a breakfast-lover but when staying in a hotel, breakfast buffet makes me really excited. Then, I like to enjoy the delicious things while sitting on a nice table for a long time (sometimes a little bit too long - today, I got overfilled with food^^)

Holidays at the beach - that's what I need for the fall. A short time, you can load up with sunshine, warmth and happiness for the last time before cold, cold winter is coming. Without this, I don't think I would survive the cold time ;P
However, I love the beach anyway. Don't know why, but that's where I can feel really relaxed just lying on the warm sand, reading a book, listening to good music or simply watching the waves doing their own, mystical dance on the surface of the big, endless sea. Here, I can get much more inspired then at home - new places make me feel happy!

So for the flight from Zurich to Valencia, I went for this light outfit, consisting of these extremely thin white blouse and black 'n white patterned loose summer pants. Paired with a clean white blazer with this amazing minimalistic and timeless cut since in Switzerland and in the airplane it wasn't that warm already. To add a little touch of color, I took one of my favorite bags and - of course - a hat. I think the burgundy color goes so well with black and white elements while keeping my head warm at home and protected form the sun here in Valencia. 

So when I saw this glass elements at the airport, that reflected the light so nicely, I knew we had to take the pictures there, even when time was short until our departure to Valencia. And where would you like to fly?

PS: Stay updated for my next article since I'm really excited to tell you about a interesting project I took part in! :)


BLOUSE - Urban Outfitters
BLAZER - Mango
HAT - River Island
BAG - Pieces
SHOES - Graceland

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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