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VALENCIA - As you may know, I've spend my holidays in beautiful Valencia in Spain. Even though I was there only for 4 days, I really could reload my body with some sunshine, warmth and good food! So in the evening, we went in town to eat some Spanish paella (you have to try it!) When coming back, I saw how wonderful the pool looked with all the lights around it and definitely wanted to shoot this outfit there. So we were taking pictures in the night which isn't that easy since the pictures really tend to get blurred. But with the reflections in the window I think it even fits the pictures!

For the look, I went with these flow materials that accentuate the body in a fluent way. The weather was definitely warm enough to wear skirts in the evening without having to put on some thick tights^^ I especially love the silver sequin detail on the sleeves of the top. 

So since it's already quite late andI hardly can keep my eyes open, I let you with the pictures and don't try to write anything more intelligent^^ Get inspired!


TOP - Cherry Koko
SHOES - Graceland
NECKLACE - Spitalfield's Market, London

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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