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Where are you at the moment? Me, I'm sitting here, in front of my computer, windows opened but with absolute dark outside. It's quite late but actually, this doesn't matter. Days are getting shorter and shorter, no difference if it's 7 or 11 o'clock in the evening - sun has disappeared already. However, maybe it didn't even come out that day: thanks to fog and grey clouds. We need lamps to get enough light - cold and unnatural. And the worst thing: In one week we all have to move our clocks one hour forward by one hour - hi, hour change, I really missed you! No, seriously: the only thing that will change is that evenings will get even shorter and we'll feel like night at about half past five...

Today I've been walking outside in the evening to a meeting and when I left about 40 minutes later, it was totally dark outside - that's when I remembered the hour change. I think it's horrible, makes our bad fall/winter mood even worse. Who did have this idea? Let's change it back again^^

 Playing with this mood, I created a look: really comfortable, a jacket you can hide yourself from all this dark and cold (if it's not too cold^^). Little mysterious, uncomplicated, to go for a walk in the shadows of the night. Slinking like black cats around the small bright spots the streetlights burn on the asphalt.

Where would you like to slink without someone noticing your disappearance? No matter where: Get inspired for your way!


JEANS - Zara
TOP - Hess Natur
BELT - Pieces
SHOES - Sun & Shadow

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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