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After the dress series I thought I'd go for some pants this time^^Normally, I'm not the jogging-pants-type but this time I felt lazy but still wanted to look fashionable. So I took these super comfy pants and dressed the up with a sheer white blouse with this amazing collar made of sequins. Incorporate more shining materials, I added this reflective sunglasses. It's one of the few new ones (yeah... bought many sunglasses this summer *guilty* ^^) Since I was in the city that day, had some meetings and strolled around, I needed a bag to put all my things in. I got this blue one many years ago when I spent some days in Berlin. I didn't use it for quite a long time now but took it out again  - and it's still wonderful!

Lately, I've actually realized that I feel more lazy and down. Guess the fall-lazziness and depressing-weather is finally here. So I thought it would be nice to have some tips to think positive again and take the summer-happiness during the cold season, keeping the sun shining inside us! Therefore I decided to write my next article for CGC Daily.So if you tend to loose your good mood too, sty updated  with CGC Daily and check out the article when it's out!

Try to enjoy the fall time!


BLOUSE - Vero Moda
SHOES - Graceland
SUNGLASSES - from Czech Republic
BAG - from Berlin

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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