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FASHION PATRIOTS - As announced, this time I tell you about a project I'm really excited about since I find the idea pretty interesting: I collaborated with mystuff.sk  which is a Slovak platform for blogger and fashion lover. In summer, they came up with the idea to ask different bloggers from all over the world to create an outfit that represents for them their country and write a short text about it. I thought this was a wonderful idea and since I'm always interested in new things, I had to take part in it! So we went on a vineyard with this amazing little hut between - which, in my opinion, already looks a little Swiss^^

To decide on the outfit wasn't that difficult for me: I knew that I wanted to stay in red and white (the colors of the Swiss flag) and thinking of the mountains, the story of Heidi came in my mind. So I made this girly plaited hairstyle, while keeping the outfit more modern and straight. For me Switzerland is both: traditional and modern at the same time - and I hope I could include these thoughts in this look. To check out all my thouhts about it and the final pictures I handed in, check it out be clicking here (where you also find the looks of the other bloggers why took part in the project)!

Enjoy your weekend guys - and get inspired!


BLOUSE - Urban Outfitters
CARDIGAN - from my mom
SHOES - Blink Shoes
EARRINGS - handmade by an acquaintance

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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