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VALENCIA - Another shot we did on a super hot day when spending some days in beautiful spain. Before our departure from Switzerland, I found these gorgeous pants on sale at ZARA. They are pretty uncommon since you don't see pants in this length that often. Moreover, they nearly look like a skirt. So much individuality - I definitely had to get this! So I styled it with a pale blue top that is luckily quite loose (nothings worse that too tight clothes in hot weather...) The straw hat just gave me some great protection from the sun but still, I wore these cat eye shaped sunglasses to protect my eyes (later that week I didn't take enough attention on my skin anymore...hi sunburn^^)

As you may have noticed, I'm quite busy these days so it's really hard to post regularly. I'm trying my best but you know, life isn't always as you want it to be... Especially when having stress, it's nearly impossible to have some time for yourself  (which I don't really have at the moment^^) so I hope it's getting better to the end of the month... Whats your best tip during these stressful periods?

Enjoy the pictures, start dreaming of the warm beach and get inspired!


PANTS - Zara
TOP - Vero Moda
SHOES - Graceland

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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