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VALENCIA - First guys, I'm so sorry for not posting any article for so long - november brings so much work for me... While looking through the pictures I realized that I still have left some of the outfits I wore during my holidays in Spain. Maybe we can imagine us the warmth while looking at the pictures - here it's freezing cold outside. I even keep my coat on inside sometimes (but I'm really sensitive to cold^^) When we shot the pictures, it was definitely not cold even at midnight... miss the time (who does't miss holidays!)

I actually wore a blazer with this look when outside. So can you imagine that I lost it, actually someone took it... I really loved it, the cut, the clean white color and the texture... I just loved it - luckily, nobody took of my top and pants. It wouldn't have been that nice to run around naked, passing all the restaurants with people sitting outside^^ However, with the weather we have now outside, i suggest you to wear so many layers that it actually wouldn't be so bad if someone wants to steal some of your stylish pieces - at least only for the warmth!

So stay warm guys and get inspired!


TOP - Zara
PURSE - from Rome
SHOES - Zara

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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