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Since I didn't post a new recipe for a very long time, I thought I should share with you this delicious pumpkin spice latte which I actually created for CGC Daily. If you don't know what it is, check out my article where I came up with this wonderful collaboration here. However, since you can find the recipe on their website, I don't post a second time here on the blog. Just click on this link and you'll right there!

My inspiration was the cold weather we have to cope with now in fall... Who doesn't need a little treat from tim to time then to warm up again and get some energy? This drink is perfect to drink on a foggy afternoon, snuggled up in a cozy (seems like this is my favorite word lately^^ but it's just the best word for how I imagine myself the best fall season, what about you?) blanket. Please check it out and give the flavors of the strong spices combined with the sweetness of a pumpkin and the kick of some espresso, all mixed up with the creaminess of milk and a dash of cream a try.

Stay COZY and get inspired!

pictures by myself

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