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VALENCIA - Sometimes, I could simply kill my laptop for not working properly. You have stress, are quite tired but still want to upload a new article and what happens - your laptop takes ages and doesn't copy all the images you want to have from the library... If someone of you knows that problem, I'd be happy for some help^^ However, let's talk about the nice parts: Looking at these pictures I really feel wanderlust and strongly wanna go back to this beautiful sunrise on our last day in Spain. I wanted to feel the warm sun, enjoy the breathtaking silent morning atmosphere of an empty beach and swim in the cold water for a last time before cold Switzerland. I just throw over a romper, took my sunglasses and I was ready to go to the sea before breakfast - which came later and was simply delicious!

It's amazing who pictures can make you relive certain feelings. Our head is actually an unlimited gallery of pictures, tastes, scents and emotions, all stored there only for you to explore it later, when times have changed and may not be as good as they were. Moreover, these memories are only yours - nobody else can feel or see them, nobody can steal them from you. So use it! If you don't, no one does - wouldn't this be a waste? Your memories are your personal paradise since you can decide which one you wanna see or not. Admittedly, this isn't always easy: we also have quite bad memories which are engraved in our brain. Still, you can fight against it and try to let the positive ones be above the negatives, try to let your memories inspire you instead of making you afraid.

Find your personal paradise you can hide inside and get inspired!



pictures by Matthew Alexander

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