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Sun is more and more rare, sunsets even more - this time we could catch it. I have to admit: despite the sun I started freezing after a while... Looks like coats are our new best friends. Luckily, we can wear underneath a nice warm coat whatever we want^^ I thought the combination of pale blue and olive green would look quite interesting and for the pictures, the beautiful light from the setting sun made it complete. It's interesting how different my hair looks depending on the light: from blonde over a golden-red tone to a hazelnut brown. So where do we wanna do from what we really see, it all depends on the light^^ And how do you wanna explain how a color looks like - interesting thought, isn't it?

Our world is actually based on so many things we don't know, even if we sometimes think we do. However, we will never know most of it. We just see it on the thing that we think we know the must: the human being. Sooner or later everybody of us realizes that we don't even know the closest people around us. But when we think about it, do we actually know ourselves? 

So why do we claim to know the whole world? And for which reason do we think we actually could?
I know, these aren't really answers but questions that some of us may have already thought of - did YOU find an answer?

Don't rack your brain too much and get inspired!


JEANS - Zara
SCARF - Pieces
SHOES - Sun & Shadow

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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