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Lately, I've been thinking a lot. About? Many kind of things, about god and the world as germans say. Is it the fall mood or just me? The second one sounds more logical, doesn't it?^^ Anyway, I love thinking and I think (see, I'm doing it again) that it's also very important and kind of a gift - not always but definitely when handled properly. Because when it escalates and your thoughts go crazy, when they start turning in your head or you try to imagine yourself things that are simply too big for our tiny little human heads, then I get some bad headache. This has been like this since a very long time, as a little child I was sometimes afraid of thinking - the universe was simply too big. But seriously, can you imagine the whole universe? Needless to say that we don't even know how it exactly looks like...

But however large the universe is or not, we don't need think so far for thinking. And sometimes, simply don't think at all. We need breaks from thinking as we need them from working, from rushing around, from our computer. That's also the reason why it took me so long for this next article: I decided to take a break for (nearly) the whole weekend. You know, life isn't all about success, luxury and money, we also need the simple things and moments for ourself to enjoy it. The human being isn't only a consuming zombie. We're not a working machine. We're not perfection. But we are individual personalities, we are us.

We don't need to be more nor are we less, it's just us with all our possibilities and chances that we get - and from which we only get to use some but that's okay. We can simply try our hardest and sometimes, we need to stop it. It happens so fast that we have a fixation about an idea we start to follow and never question. It's okay to follow your dreams - as long as they are YOUR dreams and not the one from your five year younger self. 

Just think about it - and get inspired!


TUNIC - from Vietnam
BUSTIER - American Apparel
SUNGLASSES - from Czech Republic

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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