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#inspiration CROSS THE LINE X

This time, I'd like to start with a new series, where I share some inspirations with you. Lately, I came across the fashion designer platform CROSS THE LINE X. It's a quite new platform based in Hong Kong, where they promote Asian up-and-coming fashion designers including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. As I heard from their concept, I was quite enthusiastic since I think that it's really important to support young artists such as fashion designers are. The fashion industry can be pretty hard if your alone, so support is everything. Furthermore, they share their fashion inspiration and stories every month where they incorporate the designer pieces. Check it out, it's worth it!

So since the colder season started, I tended to wear less colors but pieces from the black-grey-white range. Maybe my subconscious wants to match with the weather outside, who knows. I also love textured pieces you can snuggle up in - kind of weather depending too I guess. For still bringing in this touch of color, accessories are a great way to do so and the color stands out even more intense on it's black and white background. What is your inspiration?

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all pieces and pictures from crossthelinex.com


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