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I don't know about you, but I hate having to work on the weekend... and that's what I've actually been doing all day long. Life isn't always that sweet, still we definitely have to find our little moments where we can have a break and treat ourself instead of always running behind the things e have to do. It's important to look and help others - as long as we still can look ourselves. Because when we let ourselves behind suffering while being there for other people, we loose more and more energy from time to time and can't support the others as much as we would like to. If we try to treat ourselves too from time to time, we have also more energy to treat others. So don't forget yourself - it's the only source you really have!

Since it's getting colder and colder, wearing skirts without tights is mostly too cold... we'll have to wait for next spring^^ So for this look, I was inspired by the past - a middi skirt with this beautiful embroidery on it. As one in my past outfits, this skirt is made by my grandma^^I love the vintage flair of it and paired with a denim jacket and a simple white top I thought it would be the perfect combination. And of course - one of my hats had to cover my little head. Got to protect it, don't we?

So look after yourself, get a treat from time to time and get inspired!


TOP - Vero Moda
SKIRT - made by my grandma
SHOES - Topshop
NECKLACE - a gift

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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