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Now in fall, it's definitely too cold for no tights. Today when walking outside in the morning, my fingers where nearly frozen. However, I found these pictures we took some while ago when it was still enough warm^^ In this outfit, I wanted to give the girly look with this beautiful pink dress a twist by styling it with this sporty laid-back denim jacket. I also took most of my hair straight to one side which gives it more of a edgy look. Hopefully I can bring you summer back for just a short time with these pictures :)

Lately I've been to quite many concerts compared to the rest of the year. I got the chance to see Passenger live which had been a big dream of mine since a while. Since I have so much to do lately the day arrived so quickly without even noticing it (sadly...since (nearly^^) the greatest pleasure lies in anticipation). But then I was standing there in front of the stage together with several thousand people, waiting curiously. It didn't matter that it started one hour later, it was so worth it! Actually, the pre-band THE ONCE was already so great and wonderful, but then Passenger came, standing there in these super skinny black jeans exactly as on all the pictures, talking about his songs and why he wrote them, singing the most beautiful melodies totally alone with his guitar on the stage, telling jokes and sad stories, encouraging all the four thousand people to sing along with him or let them in total silence while playing a quiet song as if he was alone in his room (yes, the silence was amazing), and - making me cry. I always loved his songs but since this day, with all the background of them in my head, they even got to a higher level! Finally, in the end when the last song had finished and he left with a short "thank you", the whole crowd kept singing for minutes until he came back on stage to perform three other songs... So many feelings in such a short time and an unforgettable experience deep in my heart.

Find your moments that will rest forever inside you and get inspired!

My favorite song at the moment: RIDING TO NEW YORK ...give it a try!


SKIRT - Pimkie
SHOES - Graceland
EARRINGS - Yes or No

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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