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VALENCIA - Sometimes when we actually would have a pile of work to do we get sick - there's nothing to change it. So what's better then to look at pictures from holidays and think about memories to make you feel better. Here's the last couple of pictures we shot while in Spain.

I wore this white angel like dress on our last evening. I actually found it at Urban Outfitters when I was in England this summer but never got to wear it before. The texture is so soft and the lace so delicate. Combined with the fine jewelry, the look creates this magical atmosphere in the pictures.

I have to say that I'm so happy about the way these pictures turned out, especially since the bracelet is handmade by myself. I love creating fashion and jewelry on my own but have so little time for it. The more happy I am about this one I finally made after a long time. 
All in all, these pictures remind me of the old iconic photographs of the era from Marilyn Monroe and Co. since the light lets all the other colors appear less intense and creates these soft shadows. It was already quite late when we were shooting, but I guess it was definitely worth it. 

Start dreaming guys and get inspired!


DRESS - Urban Outfitters
BRACELET - by myself
SHOES - Topshop

pictures by Matthew Alexander

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