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In the middle of the shortest days of the year I found some pictures we took at the beginning of fall and I definitely don't want to hold them away from you! That day, a relaxed afternoon in town while doing some shopping, I transformed my burgundy dress, you might remember it, into a skirt. I just buttoned up a shirt over it and there we go: An interesting mix of the pale blue and deep burgundy red, which I actually love. It's not a usual color combination but definitely worth to wear it. To finish it up, I added a golden vintage necklace by wearing the clasp at the front. It's all about reinvent new ways of wearing your pieces, isn't it?

Back to winter, I hope you guys will all have some quiet time during Christmas to spend with your family, your friends or simply relaxing on your couch under a warm blanket with some hot tea and spending the day reading a good book. I hope I can do so to but there's still some work to do since I won't spend New Years Eve at home - so excited about it! So what are your planes for the following weeks?

Get inspired!


SHIRT - Yes or No
NECKLACE - Vintage
SHOES - Roberto Santi

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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